Runoff Water From Orlando Linked To Death Florida Keys Coral, Study Says

Jul 16, 2019

A landmark 30-year study of ailing coral in the Florida Keys shows nutrient-supercharged water from as far north as Orlando is contributing to the death of an ancient ecosystem that evolved to thrive in a fertilizer-free environment.

The research, published Monday in the international journal Marine Biology, was led by Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute using measurements that date back to 1984, as The Palm Beach Post Reports. The breadth of the data makes it the longest record of its kind anywhere in the world, according to FAU.

A key point of the findings is that warming ocean temperatures are not the lone killer of Keys’ coral, but part of a knot of man-induced challenges that includes higher rainfall rates from climate change that wash nitrogen-enriched waters through the greater Everglades and into Florida Bay.