Transgender People Face Discrimination At Airport. And Should There Be A Category 6 Hurricane?

Sep 10, 2019

On the Tuesday, Sept. 10, episode of Sundial:

How Transgender Travelers Face TSA Issues

A recent report by ProPublica and Miami Herald shows limitations in the Transportation Security Administration’s technology and insufficient training of the agency’s staff have led to invasive pat-downs and searches of transgender and non-binary travelers. ProPublica Senior Fellow Brenda Medina spoke with a number of people who faced discriminatory experiences. Medina talked to Sundial host Luis Hernandez about what training are currently given to TSA officers and the flaws that have been reported about TSA scanning technology.

Do Stronger Hurricanes Mean More Categories? 

Hurricane Dorian was one of the most powerful storms to hit the Atlantic in recorded history. It was a Category 5 storm with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. As reported by the Miami Herald, scientists have been talking about perhaps creating a new category as storms have gotten stronger the past decade. Sundial spoke to Herald climate change reporter Alex Harris about the current scale we used to categorize storms and what a new category would mean. 

Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra New Maestro

World-renowned conductor Gerard Schwartz will be making his debut Saturday, Sept. 14, at Frost Music Live as the new musical director for the Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra and new maestro of the University of Miami's Frost Symphony Orchestra. The performance will include a suite from the ballet "Estancia" by Alberto Ginastera, one of the greatest 20th century composers of the Americas and Samuel Jones’s Concerto for Tuba. Schwartz joined Sundial to discuss the two worlds of classical music and share some musical pieces.