'What Do We Want? Apology!' Hundreds of Haiti Supporters Protest Near Mar-a-Lago

Jan 15, 2018

About 200 Haitian-Americans and their supporters used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to protest derogatory comments President Trump reportedly made about immigrants from majority-black countries.

“What do we want? Apology!” the protesters chanted.

The protest, held on Southern Boulevard near the Intracoastal bridge, was in reaction to remarks calling Haiti and some African nations “shithole” countries, which were attributed to the president from a meeting Thursday on immigration.

“If Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today, he’d be here marching with us,” said protest organizer James Leger, a local activist and radio show host. “We’re going to pray for America and pray for President Trump. People make mistakes. We’re not asking for impeachment. We just want an apology.”

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