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Best of Sundial: Miami Developer Avra Jain and Musical Group Black Violin

Lisa Leone
Black Violin are Kev Marcus (left) and Wil Baptist

Guests for Sundial Tuesday March 20, 2018:

We revisited an interview with developer Avra Jain. She is the person behind the revamping of the Vagabond Motel on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami's MiMo district. She joined the program earlier this year to tell us how she transitioned from remodeling properties as a hobby in New York City to dedicating herself full-time to developing real estate in Miami. Listen to the full interview here

Violinist Kevin Sylvester and violist Wilner Baptiste met in middle school and played together in Fort Lauderdale's Dillard High School orchestra. After college, the pair reconnected to form the group Black Violin. 

The group meshes classical music and hip hop to create a unique sound. Kevin Sylvester, who goes by the stage name Kev Marcus, said the group's sound was not something they approached intentionally.  "Hip Hop is about expressing yourself, so we took these instruments that we knew and used them to express ourselves, it happened organically," he said. 

We revisited a previous interviewwith the group, as they prepared for a performance at the Broward Center  Of the Performing Arts this past January.