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Best Of Sundial: Shark Migration Off The Florida Coast & American Artist Frank Stella's NSU Exhibit

Frank Stella

Guests for Sundial on Thursday March 15, 2018:

Stephen Kajiura is a professor of biological sciences at Florida Atlantic University. For the last eight years, Kajiura -who specializes in sharks- has been boarding a small plane and flying off the Florida coast surveying the water, recording schools of sharks. He and his team have captured video of thousands of sharks migrating up and down the coast, many of them closer than beach-goers realize. 

Kajiura joined the program in January to speak about his findings and what he hopes to discover as he continues his research, find the full interview here

American artist Frank Stella is a painter, sculptor and printmaker. He is notably known as one of the fathers of minimalist art. A retrospective of Stella's work is on display at the "Experiment and Change" exhibit at  NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale.  

Stella spoke with us about his life and career in art in a conversation we had with him in January. The NSU exhibition will run until July 2018, for more information on the museum click here