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Politico Editor on Rick Scott's Senate Run, Holocaust Survivor Anita Karl & Former Diplomat to Cuba

Katie Lepri
WLRN's Luis Hernandez and Holocaust survivor Anita Karl prepare to do Facebook Live interview.

Guests for Sundial Tuesday April 10, 2018:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that he will run for the Senate. He will be challenging  incumbent democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.  Politico Florida Senior Editor Sergio Bustos joined the program via Skype to discuss Scott's announcement .

Holocaust Survivor

The mother of Anita Karl made a decision that would save her life and the lives of her three daughters. They escaped from a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland and lived as Catholics for the remainder of the war. 

Karl is one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust living in Miami. She shares her story whenever she can, as she believes it is important for younger generations to be aware of the atrocities that occurred during WWII.

She shared her story with us in the studio and stayed afterwards for an extended conversation on Facebook Live

Former U.S. Representative to Cuba

Vicki Huddleston represented the United States in Cuba for many years. She held a handful of different roles including principal officer of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana and deputy and coordinator of Cuban affairs. 

She recently published a memoir about her time in Cuba called, "Our Woman in Havana, A Diplomat's Chronicle of America's Long Struggle With Castro's Cuba."

Huddleston shared some of her experiences serving the U.S. in Cuba and her interactions with Fidel Castro with us in the studio.