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Climate change and extreme heat; Unguarded, an investigation

High pressure in the middle layers of the atmosphere acts as a dome or cap, allowing heat to build up at the Earth's surface.
High pressure in the middle layers of the atmosphere acts as a dome or cap, allowing heat to build up at the Earth's surface.

If you feel like it’s been hotter than usual lately — that’s because it’s true. Much of the southern U.S. has seen record heat over the last few weeks, with a new record being broken seemingly every few days.

Scientists say this is not a fluke heat wave. It’s a result of human-caused climate change, and we should expect more extreme temperatures to come.

On today's show, we talk about the numbers and the science behind the heat with a panel that includes a climate reporter, a meteorologist and an atmospheric scientist.

We’ll also hear about how the warming weather disproportionately affects certain populations in the state and what you can do to protect yourself throughout this hot season.


  • Alex Harris, reporter covering climate change for the Miami Herald. 
  • Megan Borowski, meteorologist for Florida Public Radio Network. 
  • Brian McNoldy, senior research associate at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science. 
  • Amanda Rabines, reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. 
  • Brian Pippin, director of consumer experience for JEA. 

Unguarded, an investigation 

Guardianship programs play a vital part in helping some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. These programs step in when Floridians who are elderly or disabled can no longer take care of themselves and don’t have family or friends who are able, or willing, to do so. In some cases, their homes and other assets are taken over by the state and sold to help pay for care and living expenses.

But an investigation by WLRN News into the Miami-Dade County Guardianship Program — the state’s largest — revealed how a network of Miami real estate companies has profited off the sale of Guardianship homes.


Joshua Ceballos, reporter for WLRN News.

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