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The South Florida Roundup

Florida Roundup: A Preview To The Special Legislative Session

Steve Martin
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  On the Florida Roundup, the date for the special session has been set to organize a budget.

Florida Legislature

After no agreement during the legislative session, lawmakers will meet again on June 1for budget discussions. They must decide before July 1.

Police behavior

The FBI is looking into the Palm Beach County's Sheriff's Office after an investigation by the Palm Beach Post highlights police-involved shootings. Miami Beach policestarted wearing body cameras on their uniforms. 


The Sun Sentinel's continuing series on the Cuban Adjustment Act delved into how immigrants from other countries have used the act to get to the U.S. More flight and ferry options to the island were announced this week. 

Our host Tom Hudson is joined by Sally Kestin and John Maines of the Sun Sentinel, Lawrence Mowerof the Palm Beach Post, Chuck Rabin and Mary Ellen Klas from the Miami Herald, and Tim Padgett of WLRN.

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