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The South Florida Roundup

The Florida Roundup: How Will The Senate's Effort To Overhaul Healthcare Impact South Florida?

The eight congressional districts with the largest number of people getting health insurance through the Affordable Care Act are all in South Florida.

This week on The Florida Roundup ...

After weeks of private negotiations, Senate Republicans unveiled their Better Care Reconciliation Act, their proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act. Florida has more at stake in this debate than any other state and South Florida alone has more than 600,000 people signed up for individual coverage through the ACA this year. 

Many changes will come to Florida public schools under a new controversial law Gov. Rick Scott recently signed, HB 7069. The measure requires local school districts to share money for school construction, maintenance and equipment with charter schools. How significantly will this impact the financial strategy of local school districts? 


Plus, the continual tug of war between local governments and the Statehouse. From plastic bags to climate change, is the battle for control between local governments and the state leading to a patchwork of rules in Florida?


The Miami Herald's editorial page editor Nancy Ancrum, senior editor for POLITICO Florida Sergio Bustos and Rick Christie, editorial page editor for The Palm Beach Post,  weigh in on the latest issues. 

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