citizen activism

Joseph Kaplan FAMILY PHOTO

Joseph Kaplan was a published poet. He was an accomplished labor lawyer for nearly five decades. And he was a devoted father and public servant.

In his role as a lawyer, he did pro bono work. Among those he represented: labor leader Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers Union. Kaplan was on the front lines during the drive to unionize orange groves in Central Florida. Chavez was a labor activist focused on improving the lives and working conditions of farmworkers.

Kaplan, a longtime resident of Miami Beach and Coral Gables, died Thursday at age 90.

Ronald Centamore
Courtesy of Centamore's wife, Kim Centamore

Fort Lauderdale lost one of its most involved citizen activists this week. 

Ronald Centamore, known as "Ron The Cop" to many of his friends, died on Monday due to complications from bone cancer and heart failure. He was 71 years-old.