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Over the past few years, Miami native Trenise Bryant has seen her neighborhood, the African-American enclave of Liberty City, start to change. Bryant grew up in one of the area's oldest public housing projects, Liberty Square. Lately, rents have gone up, and Bryant has seen people priced out and forced to move away.

One factor driving this, Bryant says, is climate change.

Kate Stein / WLRN

When it comes to water, South Florida has a lot in common with the Netherlands. Both regions are close to sea level and rely on canals, seawalls and pumps to prevent flooding. And both face an increasing threat from sea-level rise.

So it makes sense that Dutch officials and South Florida leaders exchange a lot of advice on resiliency.

At first glance, it might seem like an old Midwest steel town like Cleveland wouldn’t have much in common with a tropical island capital like Cuba’s Havana. But, a group of urban designers from both cities are finding that they share some problems and can help each other find solutions.

David C. Barnett (@DCBstream) from Here & Now contributor WCPN ideastream reports.