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Buses: The Future Of Transportation In South Florida

Kenny Malone

Behold the future, South Florida.

Commuter Mary Hammett rides a transport module that zips down what many call “I-95.” It moves faster than most cars. Hammett relaxes in the back and pulls out her iPhone, which automatically logs in to the module’s WiFi network.

She taps open the Pandora app and gives the James Fortune station a thumbs up -- a 'like' button on the little screen. As Hammett travels to her downtown Miami office, it's all smooth sailing and silky gospel vocals.

And a word of advice from the future: Bring a sweater. “You see how cold it is?” Hammett asks.

Mary Hammett is part of a growing group of 95 Express bus riders in Miami-Dade and Broward counties who, transportation authorities say, are experiencing the fledgling stage of South Florida’s future, rapid bus-transit system.

Express buses are not a new concept. They provide routes with the fewest possible stops for passengers. What’s new is the 95 Express buses using the 95 Express lanes.

This post is part of WLRN's year-long look at I-95, a project called The End of the Road. Read the full story at The End of the Road blog.