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#WhatIsArt? Project

#WhatIsArt? Project

Most of the conversation about Art Basel focuses on outrageous price tags, celebrity art buyers and the extravagant parties. But art is for everyone, and everyone has created art -- and arguably still does.

To highlight the accessibility of art -- that it’s not strictly the purview of people who use only words that end in -ism or write checks with multiple zeros -- WLRN invites you to share your thoughts on #WhatIsArt?

See our analysis here.

We have two questions, one big and one small:

- What was the first creative thing you remember doing? Ask your friends this too. The answers will surprise you.

- What is art? In other words, how do you know whether you’re looking at or experiencing art instead of something else?

Send us your thoughts over Twitter or Instagram at @WLRN with the hashtag #WhatIsArt.  We’ll be sharing some of your responses on our website. And go interact with art!