Handcuffs And A Handshake: A Roundup Of This Week In South Florida

Dec 13, 2013


Alex Saleh, owner of 207 Quickstop, a convenience store in Miami Gardens, had hours of video footage showing police questioning or arresting black customers, who, records show, had committed no serious crime.
Credit Alex Saleh

Allegations that Miami Gardens police harassed and intimidated black employees and customers at one convenience store has led to the resignation of that city’s police chief. Julie Brown from the Miami Herald says that the city's police chief, who is black, is actually a rarity: nearly all of the commanders and most squad officers are white and Hispanic, although Miami Gardens is predominantly black.

While Rick Scott touts that he's half-way toward his 700,000-jobs goal, the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald find that most of the state's private-sector job growth is attributable to national trends. WLRN's Gina Jordan explains.

Reactions to the handshake between President Barack Obama and Cuba's Raul Castro overshadowed the memorial for South African leader Nelson Mandela where the greeting took place. As WLRN's Tim Padgett tells us, many were making too much about nothing.

The Spanish-language version of healthcare.gov had a soft launch last weekend, about month later than planned. The site, cuidadodesalud.gov, has had few of the glitches that plagued the English version. Despite the delay, people still need to register by December 23 if they hope to have insurance kick-in by January 1, says WLRN's Sammy Mack.