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Art Basel Heat Map: Where Are Galleries Coming From?

Heat map illustrates the original locations of Art Basel's participating art galleries.
Google Fusion Table
Heat map illustrates Art Basel's participating art galleries locations.

Art Basel celebrates its 13th year in Miami Beach through Sunday (Dec. 6). Artists from across the globe are filling the streets, walls and venues of Miami with paintings, sculptures, photographs, films and installations of contemporary and modern art.


The heat map below illustrates where the 267 participating art galleries are based. 


In North America, most of the galleries are located in New York, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago. This year, only three galleries showcasing in Art Basel are based in South Florida: Gavlak Gallery in Palm Beach and Michael Jon Gallery and Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami.


In Europe, galleries are concentrated in the cities of Berlin, London and Paris. Galleries coming to the event from South America are mostly established in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. In Africa and Asia, galleries are situated in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and Beijing and Shanghai, respectively.

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