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Young Survivors: The Unspoken Trauma Of Gun Violence

Camila Kerwin

Young Survivors: The Unspoken Trauma of Gun Violence is a multiplatform series (14 radio features and interviews, online reporting, photography, illustrations, social media and a live hour)that exposes the trauma and mental health burden of communities impacted by youth gun violence. Much of the reporting we see around gun violence is about death. This project focuses on the impact of nonfatal shootings—survivors make up the vast majority of school-age gunshot victims. This is about the living.

The entire series was published online (WLRN.org/YoungSurvivors) on Tuesday, January 24. The radio stories aired over the course of two weeks. Lead reporters on the series were health reporter Sammy Mack, social justice reporter Nadege Green, and education reporter Rowan Moore Gerety.


As the health reporter, Mack focused on the public health piece of this systemic crisis, which you can hear in the following stories:


LISTEN: Mental Health And The Trauma Of Surviving Gunshots (aired 1/25/17)
LISTEN: How We Lost Funding for Gun Injury Research (aired 1/27/17)
LISTEN: Helping Kids Survive By Preventing Violence In The First Place (aired 1/30/17)
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