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At Age 8, This Miami Entrepreneur Is Giving Advice To Adults

Vernon Moxey

Hundreds of girls from all over South Florida will be taking part in a Girl Power summit in West Palm Beach this weekend. The event is designed to inspire the girls to see themselves as leaders. 

Participants will attend workshops on topics such as public speaking and handling stress, and they'll hear from accomplished young women who have achieved success in the areas of science and philanthropy.

The youngest speaker is a Miami business owner in the third grade.

  Taylor Moxey started her business because her dad challenged her. She wanted him to buy her a toy, and he said she needed to come up with the money herself.

"So I said, 'Can I make brownies and cookies?' Because I've always really fallen in love with chefs my entire life," says Taylor. "That's how I came up with it."

Her parents loaned her $40 in seed money, and she made $175 selling the goodies to people at her church. Instead of using her profits to buy that toy she wanted, she bought business cards.

And Taylor the Chef was born.

To date, she's made about $12,000. She's won a local cooking competition, and she's been asked to speak to business students at Miami Dade College.

"I never thought that adults would actually take advice from an 8-year-old because it's kind of odd, but I like it," says Taylor. "It's cool."

She tells anyone looking to start a business that persistence is key.

"Don't give up," says Taylor. "You have to have confidence in yourself."

Taylor splits her profits three ways. One-third goes to raising awareness about dyslexia. Her father suffers from the disorder. Another goes to support a mobile library in the Bahamas. Her family is from the island nation. And the final third goes to those toys she wanted in the beginning.

The 8-year-old uses social media to drum up business, and her parents sublease a commercial kitchen for her. She says she'd like to open a pastry shop by the time she's 15.