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Florida Lawmakers Closing In On School Funding Agreement

Zack Mccarthy

Florida lawmakers are getting closer to a budget deal that will add more money for schools.

Florida schools would get $207 more per student if the Florida House agrees to a Senate education budget, or $7,097 per pupil.

That’s not as much as the $7,167 per student Gov. Rick Scott wanted -- and promised on the campaign trail last year. But it’s still an increase -- even with state schools adding 15,000 more students next year.

The House and the Senate still have several education-related items to work out.

The House wants to offer incentives to districts which require school uniforms -- and the Senate may agree.

The Senate also wants to expand a voucher program for students with disabilities. Students could use the money for tuition, tutors, therapy or other educational expenses.

And the Senate wants to limit the number of four-year degrees offered by state community colleges.

It’s unclear whether the House supports those ideas.

Lawmakers are in the second week of a 20-day special session to finish the state budget. The new budget year begins July 1.

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