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Florida Democrats plan statements against law targeting pronoun use in workplaces

A search for the word they on Merriam-Webster's website turns up definitions for the personal pronoun, which saw a massive spike in lookups in 2019.
Jenny Kane

The Pride Chamber has announced a press conference for Monday to oppose House Bill 599, saying it "threatens to undermine the rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community."

The bill by Belleview Republican Ryan Chamberlin goes beyond recent Florida laws restricting personal pronoun use and talk of gender identity in schools.

It targets those issues at work for government contractors and agencies. Their employees would not be allowed to provide a preferred pronoun if it doesn't match their sex at birth. And those employers couldn't use the pronoun or make other employees use it.

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Under HB 599, nonprofits and companies that receive state funds cannot require training on gender issues.

It also has protections for workers and contractors with "traditional or Biblical views of sexuality and marriage."

The bill asserts as state policy that one's sex is, quote, "an immutable biological trait."

In its announcement, the Pride Chamber said the LGBTQ+ community and its allies "will unite to condemn Chamberlin’s bill, emphasizing that our community will not be erased."

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