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This Holiday Season, Florida Wants You To Stay The Same

Bill Longshaw
More gourds, less pecan pie.

The Florida Department of Health wants to help you make better choices this holiday season as part of its Maintain, Don’t Gain! Holiday Challenge.

People typically gain between one and five pounds during the holiday season. But from now through New Year’s Eve, Floridians can sign up to receive emails with menu and activity ideas to get through the festivities without gaining weight.

“We promote the fresh from Florida fruits and vegetables,” said Katie Williams, the healthiest weight coordinator at DOH. “We’re lucky to live in Florida so we can get outside during the holiday season. It's not snowing and we can enjoy those outdoor physical activities.”

According to the DOH, participants can expect tips to:

Host a healthier Thanksgiving Manage holiday stress Fit physical activity into your busy day Survive a holiday party

Last year, 1,700 Floridians participated in the challenge. Two-thirds of them reported maintaining their weight through the holidays. A quarter of them said they actually lost at least three pounds.

So what do you do if you suspect your family might mutiny over a change to the green bean casserole recipe? Or what if your holiday traditions involve a caja china?

“It’s all about portion control and making sure you get physical activity,” said Williams.

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