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Fast, Slow And Distracted Motorists Are Focus Of Two Proposed Bills

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Safe driving is the focus of two proposed bills being filed in Tallahassee this session. One bill addresses texting while driving. The other bill deals with slow people in the fast lane.

According to the News Service of Florida, Senator Nancy Detert, a Venice Republican, believes this year will be the year her texting-while-driving ban passes.

This will be her fourth attempt.

Although the bill has passed the Senate twice before, Detert says it has never been heard in the House.

"But this year is going to be our year,” Detert told the News Service of Florida. “We have a good House sponsor.  We have a good Speaker of the House, good Senate president, so the no-texting-while-driving bill, I hope, will pass this year."

There are some exceptions to Detert’s bill: drivers would still be allowed to read weather alerts or navigational devices. Motorists caught texting while driving could be fined $30 dollars.

Meanwhile, Senator and Palm Beach County Democrat Jeff Clemens is sponsoring another driving bill which would require cars driving in the left lane on a highway to move over for faster vehicles.

If the bill passes, State troopers would be able to ticket anyone who fails to yield to faster drivers in the passing lane.

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