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Foreclosure, Citrus Trees, Failed Relationships And Traffic: Best Poems From That's So Miami

Happy National Poetry Month!! All month long we will be bringing you the best poems from our ongoing That's So Miami project, a joint venture with O, Miami Poetry Festival.

While all the submissions are being posted on our Tumblr page, we are curating the best of the content here on our website.  Check out a few of our favorite submissions below and give us what you got here.


Leslie Fraser, Twitter:

Magic City

2001 - home value $100,000

2005 - home value $600,000

2010 - home value $75,000

Home equity loan $500,000



Jesus Rojas Torres, Orlando, FL:

That’s so Miami, eighteen years of living in the US, 

this city has thrown me into mental disarray

making me believe I’m living in America

what a joke,this is not!

crooked attorneys,

failed relationships,

illusory hopes 

whether in businesses, studies or love

almost everyone comes

with hidden aspirations or goals

wanna partner with me?

artificial city exhales only pretensions

impression, ostentation

filled with star-struck wannabes

yes, it’s sunny, yes it’s warm

there’s sex and there’s party

what is up Miami? 

is that all you’ve got?

show me your spirit 

and hurry up

you must grow up!


Lauren Fernandez:

Exciting and Extravagant.

Guajiros in Bentleys.

Tostones and Champagne.


That’s so Miami.

Theresa Bramblett:


Oh, stuck in traffic

Oh, stuck in traffic,

So much for that half-penny,

That’s so Miami.


Leslie Fraser:


80 yo broken hearted man

with a machete in one hand tackled

by FL State Ag Czar as they chop down

his beloved citrus tree. That’s so Miami.

Daniel Rivero is a reporter and producer for WLRN, covering Latino and criminal justice issues. Before joining the team, he was an investigative reporter and producer on the television series "The Naked Truth," and a digital reporter for Fusion.