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WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 17-21

Kenny Malone

If you were to read the week's top stories as just one, the plotline would be a little like this: A caffeine-driven abuela is on the loose. She is wanted on multiple charges, including robbing several Key West homes, criminal mischief at the Perez Art Museum, speeding on the I-95 express lanes and forcing musician Julio Iglesias out of his home and into a party.

But they're really five different stories. Here they are:

In Key West, Graveyard Thief Flouts Police, Becomes Celebrity: A $5,000 bounty is out for a man who has been robbing Key West houses for over a year. Most of the thefts occurred within two blocks of the Key West cemetery, earning him the title of the “Graveyard Thief.” The thefts coincide with the Key West Literary Seminar, whose theme this year happens to be crime.

Latin Lion Julio Iglesias Roars At The American Airlines Arena:70-year-old Julio Iglesias has traversed the globe playing his music, yet seldom leaves his home. The Miami Herald’s Jordan Levin sat down with Iglesias and spoke about pop music, women and 30 years of being in the business.

Local Artist Denounces Ai Weiwei Pot Smasher: Global headlines were made when Maximo Caminero , a Miami based artist, smashed a million-dollar vase by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei at the Perez Art Museum Miami on Feb. 17.   Caminero claims the act was a form of protest against PAMM for not showcasing local artists, butKevin Arrow, another local artist, feels otherwise.

A Cinematic Ode To Abuelita's Cuban Coffee:It’s 4 a.m., you are struggling to stay awake. What’s your instinct? Why, wake up abuela  of course! While this may not be the typical all-nighter protocol for a lot of South Floridians, for Michael Toledo it is -- so much so that he decided to make a short film on the subject.

Why You Don't Get Speeding Tickets From Your SunPass (And Why @EvanBenn Owes Us):Tolls giving out tickets? Several listeners have proposed the idea after listening to reporter Kenny Malone’s piece on the difficulties of patrolling the I-95 express lanes. Former prosecutor Katie Phang says “nothing’s impossible” but is it worth the investment?

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