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The Miami Herald Has A New President And Publisher


The Miami Herald Media Company has a new president and publisher—and it didn't have to look too far. Alexandra Villoch, currently Senior Vice President for advertising, will start her new role on April 14th. The announcement was made to a receptive room mostly comprised of Herald employees.

Villoch is the first woman to fill the role in the company's 110-year history.

Coming into the role, she says the paper starts from a place of strength, reaching half of all the adults in its market. Villoch also has ideas for how the media company can continue to grow and adapt to changing patterns of news consumption.

“We’ll continue with a laser focus to transform everything digital,” Villoch said. “We will leverage our deep knowledge of our diverse community to build new opportunities to diversify our products and grow new audiences.”

Villoch points to a growing Spanish-speaking audience for El Nuevo Herald both locally and abroad as part of that new audience.

Credit Wilson Sayre
Alex Villoch will be the new Miami Herald publisher and president.

“People look to us as a credible source of information across Latin America,” Villoch said specifically in reference to Venezuela. The government there has cut off domestic print and broadcast news.

But that larger digital audience also poses new challenges for monetizing the company’s news content.

Villoch has worked at the Herald for 14 years and will replace David Landsberg, who is leaving the company to head up Goodwill Industries of South Florida.