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PHOTOS: Fort Lauderdale Knows South Florida Trivia

To launch our new investigative blog, What's the Story?, the WLRN-Miami Herald News team took over Fort Lauderdale's Riverside Market on Tuesday, April 22.

What's the Story is a reporting project in which we let your curiosity guide our investigations. You ask us a question, and we try to answer it. So tell us: What have you always wondered about South Florida?

To celebrate the launch, we held a trivia night during which roughly 10 teams tried to correctly answer the most questions about South Florida. Players had to know what mayor had a county and a massacre named after him, what all the names of the SunLife Stadium have been, and just who in the world sang this song?!

The questions got progressively more obscure in three rounds, and despite each team having a WLRN or Miami Herald staffer as a member (which was supposed to help), points dwindled throughout the night.

Nevertheless, the smarties pictured above prevailed. They took home a voucher for the reporting services of WLRN's Kenny Malone, as well as some primo public radio swag. (Hats and such.)

Click on the picture at the top of this post to see photos of trivia night, and if you joined us, try to spot your team!

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