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Florida's Medical Marijuana Law Would Out-California California, Opponents Charge

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

The group that wants you to vote "no" on legalizing medical marijuana this November has launched a web site and produced a video. Its media warns that Amendment Two is much more permissive and loophole-ridden than most people realize.

Florida's medical marijuana rule will be more lenient even than California's, according to the No on Two campaign, with doctors empowered to recommend medicinal pot not just for catastrophic illnesses but conditions as minor as insomnia and stress.

Children will have legal access to marijuana, the campaign cautions, and people who are now criminal drug dealers will be allowed to enter the medical marijuana business as "caregivers."

United For Care, the organization promoting passage of the amendment in November, says the No on Two campaign is based on "distortions, half truths and scare tactics." Read up on the point-counterpoint here.