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Some Libraries In Miami-Dade May Open Every Day

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Several of the biggest libraries in Miami-Dade may stay open seven days a week in October.

The interim director of the libraries has released a tentative library schedule based on what county budget commissioners tentatively passed in June. It gives the libraries almost 53 million, more than last year.

The extra money will allow the five largest branches to add Sunday service, meaning they’ll be open every day of the week.

John Quick, president of Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library, says he’s happy with how the library system is seeking to use its additional resources.

“It's the best I think that can be done with the budget that they have,” he says. “Hopefully next year we’ll be able to have, you know, even more openings and to expand the programs even more.”

Quick says the library will also have the resources to fill the extra day with services and technology upgrades.

“If you’re open but you can’t offer the services, what’s really the point?” Quick says. “But we’re able to do that now.”

The library administration is also exploring the viability of expanding service at other libraries in the 49-branch system. The schedule is still a draft and can change until the County Commission approves the final budget in September. 

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