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Miramar Police Department's Oldest Dog, Mac, Retires

Jessica Meszaros

Officer Mac, the dog, of Miramar Police Department is retiring after 10 years. He's an 11-year-old Belgian Malinois, making him the oldest of the department's six dogs. Police dogs, on average, serve between six to eight years. A retirement ceremony was held for Mac Thursday morning at the Youth Enrichment Center in Miramar.

"He's funny because he knows when he's working and he knows when he's home. He's two different dogs," says Officer EdelEsponda, Mac's handler. 

He has handled Mac for the last 10 years as a police dog and as a pet. Esponda says he’s going to miss him on the force.

"He's been a great partner, a great companion and he's always had my back. He has kept me safe," he says.  

Chief Ray Black of Miramar Police shared his most memorable moment with Mac. 

"I was there that day when the Brinks robbery took place," said the chief. 

He is referring to the October 2010 armed robbery of a Brinks truck at a bank parking lot. Police who arrived on the scene weren’t aware that an armed robber was hiding in a bush just 20 feet away. Then Mac came on to the scene.

"He alerted to the suspect and actually went into the bushes and apprehended him," says Chief Black. 

He says dogs can do a search two-to-three times faster than people can. 

Credit Jessica Meszaros / WLRN
Officer Edel Esponda standing to the left of Officer Mac, the dog.

Officer Esponda says he’ll start training Kai, the new recruit, in a couple weeks. He says Mac will live an easy, relaxed life watching TV and playing with their other dogs. 

"He's being spoiled by my wife," says Esponda. "She makes him eggs and bacon and I'm like 'how bout my eggs and bacon?'"

@MiramarPD chief honoring Officer "Mac" the dog for 10 years of service. He's now retired. @WLRN pic.twitter.com/O7feQGKzmH — Jessica Meszaros (@JMMeszaros) February 12, 2015

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