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Here's A Map Of Affordable Housing In Miami-Dade

Creative Commons

A new map created by the the University of Miami's Office of Civic and Community Engagement hopes not only to show where affordable housing is located but also some of the different demographic information that may be driving its placement.

The university's Miami Affordability Project has compiled massive sets of data from federal, state and local sources into a map tool. Emily Eisenhauer helped shepherd the project to completion over the past year and a half, in which time South Florida cities have been at the top of lists of the most unaffordable places for housing.

"We really need some new solutions," says Eisenhauer, "or we need to look at solutions that are [being used] in other places."

Her hope is this tool can help spur some ideas for those creative solutions.

You can use the tool below. Click on the green arrows to filter your search then update to see your map.