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'Operation Dry Water' Cracks Down On Drunken Boating This Weekend

If you are enjoying a summer day in your boat on Biscayne Bay, you better think twice before reaching for that beer. Operation Dry Water is in full swing. 


Officers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are patrolling the waters on this weekend before the Fourth of July holiday to make sure there is no boat driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Officer Lorenzo Velloz was pulling over boaters Friday morning for a routine safety check off Key Biscayne.

Velloz said Florida had 11 alcohol and drug related fatalities on the water last year.   

“Unfortunately, boats do not have crumple zones and do not crumple on impact," Velloz said. "It’s a straight blunt force and that’s why boating accidents are more severe than actually automobile accidents. ”  

Boater Jay Rivera was driving his vessel with friends. He passed the safety check, and said the FWC’s increased safety measures are not a hassle for boaters, but rather, they are important for everyone during boating season.  

“I think it’s great for us, for anybody that gets in the water and for people, to keep it safe,” Rivera said.

Increased patrols will continue through this Sunday, June 26.