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Everything you need to know about the zika virus in South Florida.

Wynwood Eateries Not Scared Of Zika Mosquitoes; Say They're Prepared

Caitie Switalski
KUSH restaraunt offers citronella candles and insect repellent to customers who eat outside.

News of four recent cases of Zika acquired by mosquito bites in neighborhoods north of downtown Miami was not received with concern by owners and patrons of restaurants and bars in the popular area of Wynwood. 



The streets in and around the Wynwood area were busy and crowded this Friday with people too shy to talk about the virus.

Yet, Wynwood Diner, off NW 2nd Ave., offers insect repellent to its weekend customers who eat out on the back patio. One of it’s managers, Jacob Hartley, said the eatery was offering this before the spread of Zika.


“We do that regularly just because it’s Miami,” he said.  


Hartley said that the announcement that mosquitoes that carry the virus have infected people in the area does not make the restaurant fearful.

“It’s not something we’re really scared of, but it is a concern on our plate,” he said.


In fact, after hearing about the official announcement, Hartley sent a dress code memo to employees who work outdoors.


“They’re no longer to wear shorts, and to possibly look for a type of a long sleeve that they can wear,” he said.


KUSH restaurant, on N Miami Ave. and 20th street, was packed for lunch as well.


The manager did not want to be interviewed, but did say that because of lack of inside seating the staff has been lightening citronella candles and offering guests bug spray to make them more comfortable.


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