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Town Hall On Race and Police Yields Community Talk In Sunrise

Caitie Switalski
The stage full of panelists answered questions from the audience for over two hours.

There was a large service at the Faith Center in Sunrise Thursday night, but it wasn't just a religious one.


The center partnered with law enforcement and Broward County political leaders for a town hall about race relations and police. A few hundred people were there to ask questions and submit comments to a panel.


The meeting was organized  in response to high-profile shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge.


Ginger Lingo was one member of the audience. Her comment to the panel was that she wants to see more talks like this, and not just during an election season. “We need to have this happening more and more so we can understand.”


Lingo came with her friend Carmel Etienne. Etienne said, political or not, this meeting is part of the community healing from police and race issues. "Politicians may want to join for political reasons, but I don’t care. I see it as a solution to a situation that we all are facing,” she said.


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel commented on the importance of not judging an entire community based on the mistakes of a few. His comment that parents should spank their children if that's what it takes to teach them respect was met with a standing ovation.


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