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Miami-Dade Needs 1.4 Million Ballots And 100 Variations. Here’s How They Get Printed

A stack of freshly cut and bundled mail ballots is ready for shipment in the finishing and packaging department at Miami-Dade’s Internal Services Department print shop Monday, Sept. 24, 2018.";

In a printing plant just west of Miami International Airport, every second counts: It means three more ballots ready for the Nov. 6 election.

From 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., five days a week, Miami-Dade county’s printing press is churning out 100 ballot variations, each offering a different combination of candidates and questions to correspond with where voters live. The county’s online list of everything and everyone up for a vote stretches to 76 pages. Every item is printed in English, Spanish and Creole.

Printing will take 21 days. By the end, the county will have produced 1.4 million ballots.

Read more at our news partner, the Miami Herald

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