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Palm Beach County’s Voting Machines Overheat And Force Recount Of More Than 170,000 Votes

Wilfredo Lee
Associated Press
Employees at the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office feed ballots through a machine Tuesday during the ongoing recount as they race to make a Thursday deadline.

Palm Beach County’s race to recount votes is heating up — literally.

The county’s decade-old ballot-counting machines overheated and gave incorrect totals, forcing the county to restart its recount of about 175,000 early votes., supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said Tuesday night.

The department has flown in mechanics to repair the machines.

“We’re disappointed by the mechanical problems that are going to cause a further delay in the recount,” Bucher told reporters. “It became evident through the vigorous pace of counting that the machines used for the recount were starting to get stressed.”

The malfunctions resulted in the loss of more than a day’s work.

Read more at our news partner, the Miami Herald.

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