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Police Say Two People Hurt After Shooting At Aventura Mall

Screenshot via WSVN
Police respond to a shooting incident at Aventura Mall on Friday.

Aventura Police confirmed a shooting Friday morning at Aventura Mall.

Police spokesperson Hans Maestre told WLRN two people were hurt and taken to Aventura Hospital. One person is in critical but stable condition. The other person is in normal condition.

WSVN first reported the incident.

The shooting happened at about 11:20 and officers that normally patrol the mall responded to the area and took the suspects into custody after a brief chase.

Some parts of Aventura Mall have reopened but part of the mall remained locked down by Wednesday afternoon.

Police say two people are in custody but no charges have been filed. At an afternoon press conference, Maestre said that they believe anyone involved in the shooting is being questioned by police and no other suspects are at large.

“We don’t know if they knew each other, we don’t know what the motive was. What we do know, it was not as a result of an active shooter, or a terrorist attack, or as a result of any kind of protest," said Maestre.

Police expected the lockdown on the crime scene area to be lifted by late Friday evening.