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Rebekah Jones Fires Back With Lawsuit Against State Police For Raid

Rebekah Jones is pictured on MSNBC.
Rebekah Jones is pictured on MSNBC.


Former state data analyst Rebekah Jones continued her aggressive defense against the allegations lodged against her by the DeSantis administration and late Sunday filed a complaint in Leon County Circuit Court alleging that state police who raided her home on Dec. 7 violated her constitutional rights of free speech and due process.

Jones, who has appeared on numerous cable news shows defending herself, alleges in the new complaint that the basis of the search warrant used by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was “a sham” designed to punish her for speaking out against Gov. Ron DeSantis for ”refusing to falsify statistics on a ‘dashboard’ she had created for [the Department of Health].” In May, DOH fired Jones for insubordination and she subsequently filed a whistle-blower complaint against the state.

She is asking the court to order that her computers and other electronic equipment seized by the state be immediately returned and that legal fees and punitive damages of more than $30,000 be awarded.

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