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'Remembering Andrew': Revisit WLRN's documentary 30 years after the devastating storm


Today is the 30th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Andrew - the worst storm to ever hit South Florida. The Category 5 hurricane devastated Miami-Dade County, killing 65 people and causing $27 billion in damage. It all but destroyed Homestead.

To mark this occasion, we are making available once again our one-hour documentary special, 'Remembering Andrew'. Originally released 10 years ago, it was the culmination of a long running project.

The special was hosted by Kenny Malone and Alicia Zuckerman, with production help from Sammy Mack, Trina Sargalski and the entire WLRN-Miami Herald News team.

Listen below. The documentary is also available for download and sharing on SoundCloud.

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