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The Florida Roundup
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Each week, The Florida Roundup brings us up to speed on all things Florida- be it politics, the environment, the economy, culture and more. Join host Tom Hudson for lively discussion with newsmakers, journalists and you! Email the program radio@TheFloridaRoundup.org

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Latest Episodes
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with three authors — novelist Lauren Groff (02:00), historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (20:28) and former Florida lawmaker Dick Batchelor (37:18) about free expression, leadership, and discovery civility again.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we looked into a special series from the South Florida Sun Sentinel that examines that state’s infant mortality rate. First, we speak with health reporter Cindy Krischer Goodman (00:21) before speaking with Dr. LaRae Brown, director of UF Health Women’s Specialists — North and Dr. Rodrigo Ruano, Director at UHealth Jackson Fetal Care Center and Division (09:09). Then, we looked at how a revamped federal form for financial aid for students is causing delays with the (19:22). Plus, fallout over a dubious major gift donation to Florida A& M (27:57). And other news from across the state from a deadly bus crash near Ocala (37:18) to severe weather in the Panhandle (40:28). We also heard from our listeners from last week's mailbag (45:44).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with several education reporters from across the state about how districts are considering school closures due to shrinking enrollment. First we heard from Jacksonville Today reporter Megan Mallicoat about Duval County Public Schools (05:45), then we focused on Hillsborough County Public Schools with the Tampa Bay Times’ Marlene Sokol (13:10) and then we spoke with WLRN’s Kate Payne about Broward County Public Schools (16:24). Then, we spoke with an Orange County Public Schools board member about how their district is looking to build new schools (24:08). And later, we were joined by NPR’s Jasmine Garsd for her reporting on the impact of Florida’s anti-immigration laws one year later (31:57). Plus, a series of reports about Florida’s Wildlife Corridor and the 2021 law to conserve millions of more acres (37:18).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we looked at Florida’s 6-week ban as it goes into effect (00:11). We also heard about the latest on campus protests (08:03) and speak to a student reporter about the arrests at the University of Florida (14:20). Plus, we talked about a proposed stadium in St. Petersburg for the Tampa Bay Rays with Tampa Bay Times reporter Colleen Wright (20:08) as well as the negotiations between the city of Jacksonville and the NFL Jaguars over massive stadium renovations with JAX Today reporter Casmira Harrison (30:44). And finally, a roundup of environmental stories from the panhandle to the Keys (37:23).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with State Senator Lori Berman about legislation targeting antisemitic speech and behavior (01:48) and then we discussed a report finding a rise in antisemitic incidents in 2023 with the Florida Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League (10:06). Plus, an NPR Investigation into the fractured history told by the thousands of historical markers across the country (19:26) and later, we fact-checked President Biden’s speech in Tampa with PolitiFact (38:30).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about how affordability challenges are forcing some older Floridians to return to work, with Tampa Bay Times reporter Lauren Peace (03:16) and further explore how retirement is changing in the state with Central Florida Public Media reporter Joe Byrnes and Anne Ray of UF’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies (11:36). And we remember the life and legacy of Bob Graham with former Florida lawmaker Dick Batchelor (25:30) and later journalist Dan Christensen (31:42). Plus, a few environmental updates from across the state (37:20).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with a UF doctoral student who studied the use of authoritarian language in the 2020 presidential campaign (02:11) and then explored the power of language with two Florida poets (13:01). Later we heard from the Deputy Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Water about new limits for PFAS chemicals (23:49) and then spoke with Central Florida Public Media’s Brendan Byrne about the end of an era for space exploration (32:54). Plus, we looked into Sarasota County’s truancy court (37:21). And finally, we shared solar eclipse stories (43:31) and found out why fuzzy caterpillars are becoming a nuisance for some (46:55).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about the three high-profile decisions from the state’s highest court on abortion access and recreational marijuana use with Florida House Speaker Paul Renner (03:32), South Florida-based family physician Dr. Chelsea Daniels (19:33) and Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce (31:45). Plus, Colorado State releases its annual forecast for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season (37:00) as Lee County prepares to sue FEMA over its loss of flood insurance discount (38:27). And later, a look at why home buyers are getting priced out in the Tampa Bay area (39:57). Also, why online gambling could provide millions to save land and fight sea rise in Florida (43:48) and the rise in calls to the state's gambling hotline (45:30).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about warm waters in the Atlantic and what it means for coral reefs with Brian McNoldy and Dalton Hesley with the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric and Earth Science and WLRN’s environmental editor Jenny Staletovich (00:30). Plus, we talk about this week’s legal settlement reached in the ongoing feud between Disney and Gov. DeSantis’ allies with the Orlando Sentinel’s Skyler Swisher (26:00). And later, why the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Baltimore is a chilling reminder for Tampa Bay residents (37:14), ‘mangrove rangers’ roam the coastline in a bid to preserve our disappearing mangroves (38:33) and a conversation with photojournalist Octavio Jones about his recent reporting trip in Haiti (44:52).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about a proposed federal bill to lower property insurance rates with Broward County Commissioner Steve Geller (02:47) and then discuss concerns on Capitol Hill over the state’s largest home insurer with the Insurance Information Institute's Mark Friedlander (10:52). Then, we talk about why real estate commissions could be changing and what it means for Florida realtors with the Consumer Federation of America's Stephen Brobeck (26:46). Plus, a recap of this week’s elections (37:21), an update on the turmoil in Haiti and its impact in Florida (39:20), why some state universities are giving students more time to decide (46:34) and March Madness meets spring training (47:44).