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Largest Cuban exodus in decades, Miami’s FTX debacle and Florida's property insurance crisis

Desmond Boylan
AP via Miami Herald
More Cubans have left the communist island in the past year and a half than those who fled during the Mariel Boatlift in 1980 and the rafter crisis of 1994 combined.

Cuba is currently seeing the largest and fastest exodus since Fidel Castro took power in 1959. Huge numbers of Cubans are showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border and many others are landing by boat in the Florida Keys.

On the South Florida Roundup, we spoke to New York Times investigative correspondent Frances Robles and WLRN Keys reporter Gwen Filosa about the situation.

We also spoke about the property insurance bill that was passed in Tallahassee and how the collapse and bankruptcy of the bitcoin exchange FTX are impacting South Florida.

Listen to the full episode above.

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