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Sorry, We Can't Hear Jim Greer's Story About A Golf Cart Full Of Prostitutes

Tony Bernard /Flickr

I am sorry, everyone, but a judge doesn't want to let us all in on some of the more "defamatory'' and "salacious" aspects of the saga of Jim Greer, the former Florida Republican Party leader who was accused of defrauding the party to the tune of $200,000.

From what we do know, though, these are some pretty interesting stories we are not going to hear.

According to Lucy Morgan at the Tampa Bay Times, the Fifth District Court of Appeals sided with anonymous petitioners who asked that a particular story involving a trip organized by Greer to Bahamas that came to light during pretrial not be released to the public.

Morgan reports,

In a deposition released last month, [former party executive director Delmar Johnson] said prosecutors asked him about the Bahamas event. Johnson described a golf cart filled with women he presumed to be prostitutes.Other witnesses questioned in the Greer investigation say the former GOP chairman often had parties for men only and refused to allow women unless they were "paid.''

Some of the men that were a part of that outing deny that there were prostitutes present. They say the Bahamas trip was aimed at thanking donors who supported a property tax amendment back then that the Florida GOP backed.

The identities of the people that asked a judge to shut down the release of this story is unknown. The judge claimed that releasing the information would be harassment.

Greer has been in the news a lot lately, especially because he was one of the former party members airing some of the GOP's dirty laundry in the past few years. Most recently, he and former governor Charlie Christ admitted that the GOP was looking for ways to suppress the vote in this year's election. 

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