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How Much Time Do You Spend In Transit? An Interactive Map Of South Florida

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There is a lot of discontent among South Florida residents when it comes to our transit system-- both among drivers and public transit commuters. But according to data from the Census, it could be a lot worse.

One thing is for sure among South Florida’s biggest cities: the closer you live to the urban center, the shorter your commute.  South Dade in particular appears to be a commuter’s nightmare.  This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, and it's something the authorities are well aware of.

MDX, for example, is trying to push through plans to expand the 836 in South West Miami-Dade County along Krome Avenue, in order to address the congestion on poorly designed local roads.

Is it the right approach?  That's up for debate.  But it does start the conversation for how to improve the constant problem illustrated by this interactive map.

Keep in mind while comparing this data to other regions, only about 10.52% of Miami’s residents use public transit.  New York City, for example, has a large amount of 'mega-commuters' (residents who regularly spend 90 minutes or more in transit), but around 55.66% of the population uses trains or buses to get to work.

Another factor to take into account is that 45 stressful minutes in the car and 45 minutes on a train or a bus are two completely different experiences.

Take a look at your area on the map below and see how your area fares.  If you were to move tomorrow, would you stay put, or would you move to a more central zone?

Daniel Rivero is a reporter and producer for WLRN, covering Latino and criminal justice issues. Before joining the team, he was an investigative reporter and producer on the television series "The Naked Truth," and a digital reporter for Fusion.