Best of Sundial: Miccosukee School Teacher And A Look At A Surfside Deli 'Done Wrong'

Mar 28, 2018

Guests for Sundial on Monday, March 19, 2018:

We revisited an interview we had with Miccosukee Indian School teacher William Osceola. The k-12 school has about 150 students and the most recent graduating class had seven students. Osceola told us how the accredited school is modeled to highlight Miccosukee tradition but also provides an education that parallels traditional public school outside of the reservation. 

Osceola attended the school on the reservation as a child, but also attended public school for several years. He relayed his experiences and the discrimination he faces as a Native American. He stayed in the studio for a few minutes after the interview for a FaceBook Live.

Joshua Marcus once got a bad YELP review but instead of taking it as an insult he took it as an opportunity. He now runs Josh's Deli in his words, the wrong way.