Holiday Rush Means A Hiring Boom At Broward County Fireworks Shop

Jul 4, 2014

TNT Fireworks Superstore in Dania Beach was open around the clock to handle the Fourth of July holiday rush.
Credit Carla Javier / WLRN

The TNT Fireworks Superstore in Dania Beach has been open around the clock since July 2nd to handle the Fourth of July holiday rush.

Marketing manager Itzhak Dickstein says the company hired an extra 200 employees to manage the steep increase in customers.

To buy fireworks, customers first have to navigate police-directed traffic and find parking among the businesses near the Broward County fireworks store. 

The first stop is a white tent in the parking lot next to the 18,000 square foot space. There, customers provide identification and sign a waiver indicating that they will only use the fireworks for legal purposes.

Technically, fireworks are intended for controlling pests, like birds, under state law.

It is on the customers to make sure they are following the laws of their community, according to Dickstein.

Customers then enter a building filled with fireworks -- many buy one get one free. There are television screens which show customers how the fireworks look when lit.

Dickstein says the most popular firework  for the Fourth of July is called "Corruption." It's buy one get one free, for $239.99.

After the store closes at midnight, Dickstein says the year-round staff-- 12 in total-- will take a break.

Then they take inventory. Any items in surplus will be put on a special sale, and the rest will be kept for the next big fireworks holiday: New Year's.