Latest Poll Offers Promising News For Medical Cannabis Backers

Aug 26, 2016
Originally published on August 25, 2016 4:11 pm

A new poll from Saint Leo University suggests a medical marijuana ballot measure will fare well on the November ballot.

After narrowly failing in 2014, medical marijuana supporters are going back to the voters.  The proposal, known as amendment two would greatly expand the range of patients eligible for medical cannabis in Florida.  Saint Leo political scientist and polling institute director Frank Orlando says the plan has a decent shot.

“If we look to Amendment Two which grants the right to use marijuana for the treatment of certain ailments when recommended by a physician, that is at 67.8 percent.”

A poll conducted by the University of Florida Bob Graham Center from about this time in the last cycle showed 57 percent support.  Orlando, and many others, suggest backers could benefit from elevated turnout of a presidential cycle. 

“Democrats support that amendment at about 76 percent,” Orlando says, “Republicans support it at about 56 percent.” 

“In an election where it looks like the top of the Republican ticket might be a little bit down, that could also help the efforts to pass Amendment Two.”

Florida initiatives have to surpass a 60 percent threshold for approval.

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