New Crist Video Looks Like A Campaign Ad

Oct 25, 2013


Expected next month to launch a bid to return to the governor's office, Democrat Charlie Crist released a YouTube video Friday that might foreshadow the themes of his 2014 campaign.

Crist referred to himself as the "people's governor," a familiar mantra from his days in office. Though he didn't mention Republican Gov. Rick Scott by name, Crist took shots at Scott, who has used a theme of "It's Working" while trying to convince voters the state has rebounded under his stewardship.

"It's not working,'' said Crist, a Republican-turned-Democrat. "Only you, the people, can end this nonsense and get us back to common sense."

In the video, Crist also invites viewers to share their comments on

Susan Hepworth, a Republican Party spokeswoman, fired back in an email that tried to draw a contrast between the records of Scott and Crist on economic issues.

"Look for this to be a running theme from Charlie --- talking about anything other than his failed economic record,'' Hepworth wrote.

Watch the video below: