Property Tax Season Is Upon Us

Aug 24, 2015

Property owners in Miami-Dade County can expect some mail in the next few days -- the annual Notices of Proposed Property Taxes, also known as TRIM Notices, have been sent out.

Before anyone starts to groan, note that this letter could contain some good news as well.

It includes a guide to help residents understand the taxes proposed for their property, as well as information on how to request an informal assessment review if they believe their property has been over-valued.

This informal review process is much quicker than filing an official appeal through the Value Adjustment Board.

Those who want to get their property tax re-assessed should act quickly -- the Property Appraiser's office is having four open houses throughout the county in the next few weeks to give residents a chance to begin the informal process in person. 

The deadline to file for an official appeal is Sept. 18, and property tax bills will be officially sent out at the beginning of November.