South Florida Cities Make Top AND Bottom Of Jobs List

Jun 21, 2016

Florida’s diverse job market makes it one of the best states to get a job -- while at the same time, one of the worst.

The financial website, Wallet-Hub, ranked 130 cities in the state. South Florida cities land on both ends of that spectrum: Boca Raton is in one of the top 10, while Hialeah and Miami Gardens are in the bottom of the list.

You can find out your city's ranking by clicking on this interactive map: 

Source: WalletHub


Sean Snaith is the director for the University of Central Florida's Institute for Economic Competitiveness, an economic research center. He said the center puts together forecasts for Florida’s economy and this is the data that entities like Wallet-Hub then use to make comparisons.

“We’re growing faster, economic activity is expanding at a more rapid pace, and the labor market has been faring much better,” Snaith said.

Jill Gonzalez is an analyst and spokesperson for Wallet-Hub. She said Hialeah and Miami Gardens round out the bottom of the list.


“As far as the housing affordability compared to the annual income level of Hialeah and Miami Gardens, that ratio is what’s really dragging down those two cities,” Gonzalez said.


Boca Raton ranks 7 on the list, and the highest of any South Florida city.


Gonzalez said a key factor played into Boca Raton's jobs environment.


"The incomes in Boca Raton are a lot higher than most of these other Florida cities on the list," she said. "Housing is also more expensive, but it really does seem to balance out there."


Other cities like Coral Gables ranked 23, Miami Beach ranked 43 and the city of Miami ranked 92.