Trump Makes Final Push For South Florida's Vote

Nov 2, 2016

Pink “Women for Trump” and red “Hispanics for Trump" signs were scattered through the crowd Tuesday afternoon as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

Credit Katie Lepri / WLRN

With the election less than a week away, both presidential candidates have campaigned heavily in the state of Florida in the past weeks. All eyes are set on the prize of the state's 29 electoral votes.

Trump stood in front of a large American flag and asked Floridians to vote and vote early.

“Pretend we're sightly behind in the polls and get out and vote,” said Trump. “Nov. 8th is fine, but earlier is better.”


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi spoke just before Trump, and also emphasized the importance of Florida’s role in this election.

Trump additionally made several remarks regarding the election being rigged. Addressing the crowd, Trump said, “With your votes, you can defeat the system, the rigged system.”


“I don’t want to say rigged, but there are some anomalies that are going on. I mean, there is some fraud going on,” said Trump supporter and Fort Lauderdale resident Perry Kapa. “Maybe it’s not intentionally, or maybe they are, but if someone’s passed away they shouldn’t have a ballot that can keep showing up."


However, most supporters seemed to put scandals aside and said they supported Trump for the person he is.


Outside Trump rally, Martie Mees, Maria Serpa & Hugo Alfaro show off their American pride
Credit Kate Stein / WLRN

"I've seen that he loves the United States, he loves the people of the United States. And he's got a sincerity about him that I believe you can't fake," Miami resident Martie Mees said. "Everything he's saying comes from his heart."