Voting In Florida Starts This Weekend: What To Expect

Oct 26, 2012

Line of early voters in 2008 in Plantation. This year, early voting starts on Saturday.
Credit Alex Johnson

On The Florida Roundup, host Phil Latzman hears from you about how you're planning to vote - by absentee ballot, early voting or Election Day at your polling place.  Already Florida has had about 1.1 million votes cast by absentee ballot.  But some voters in Broward and Palm Beach County say they haven't received ballots requested weeks ago.    

In other voting news, fraudulent letters made to look as if they were from county election supervisors were sent to voters in 24 counties around the state.  The letters, in envelopes postmarked Seattle Washington, say that the supervisor has received information calling into question the recipient's eligibility to vote.  

Recent state ethics violation charges may affect how U.S. Congressman David Rivera does at the ballot.  The charges stem from Rivera's days in the state legislature and add to a growing list of investigations against him.  

And although Lynn University hoped to become the center of the politiverse, foreign policy issues of particular importance to the swing state of Florida hardly figured into the presidential debate.  But who can name debate sites from the last election?  

Our panelists are Michael Mayo of the Sun Sentinel, Jim DeFede of CBS4, and Mary Ellen Klas of the Miami Herald.