Who's Pumped Up At This Political Rally? The Sign Language Interpreter, That's Who!

Oct 27, 2016

As Hillary Clinton gave her speech at a rally in Lake Worth Wednesday, someone else was there giving the exact same speech:  The sign language interpreter.

"One of the things that she [Hillary Clinton] does,” said Deborah Gibson of Signs of Excellence in Delray Beach, who co-translated the event, “Is that she’ll say, ‘You know what? If standing up for equal pay is playing the woman’s card, then DEAL ME IN!’”

Her audience members know it’s coming, according to Gibson.

“And you might normally interpret that say something like, ‘Include me," says Gibson. "But because that’s one of the things that she says, we literally sign, “Deal me in,” like it was cards that you were dealing. We want to capture and hold that euphemism and let the deaf person have access to that as well. So they can be party of the frenzy”. 

Gibson says every rally has those “Here it comes!” moments.

“The sign language interpreter cannot stand up there and be monotone and not reflect that energy,” Gibson said. “You have to be as emotive as the audience and as the speaker and that’s the challenge.”

Here's how Gibson "deals those cards:"